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        Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process:
        The high concentration organic wastewater was pretreated by UASB and then into the total regulating pool, and mixed with low concentration organic wastewater, and then into the main treatment process system. From the data shows that the high concentration organic wastewater by UASB reactor in the anaerobic treatment process, the effect is good, CODcr, BOD5, SS removal rate is higher, so it can be used not only for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, can also be used for other bean products of high concentration organic wastewater treatment. It is reported, the wastewater treatment process of high concentration wastewater by UASB reactor pretreatment, mixing wastewater into AS (activated sludge) treatment (called UASB+AS method) and all directly into the AS process, UASB+AS is better than AS method to save electricity save aeration 68%, sludge treatment costs 59%, biogas can be used; compared with SBR method, and the operation cost of sludge treatment fee is also lower than SBR.