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Slaughter Industry

        Oil wastewater treatment process:
        The first wastewater by artificial gravity grille, remove the floating objects in the waste water, flowing into the regulation pool, water balance of raw wastewater; in order to prevent the precipitation of SS in the regulation pool, installed several root aeration hose in the conditioning tank, stir, and adjust the pool with hydrolysis acidification pool function, can be part of degradation molecular organic pollutants for small molecules, removal of some organic pollutants. Submersible sewage pump is arranged in the adjusting tank, the sewage to contact oxidation pond, in the contact oxidation pond, organic pollutants by biofilm on aerobic microbial degradation depth to reach the emission standards, or better than to meet emission standards; ponddischargement flow into two sedimentation tank, the water discharged after precipitation. The excess sludge and the grid slag enter the sludge well, and then the sludge pump is applied to the sludge drying field. The filtrate produced by drying dehydration is returned to the regulating tank, and then processed by the treatment system.