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The microfilter is a screen filter with a small suspended matter, with a drum-like metal frame in which the drum rotates about the horizontal axis and is braided with stainless steel wire (which may also be copper or chemical fiber) Network and work network. Can be used for water plant water filtration and removal of algae, daphnia and other plankton, can also be used for industrial water filtration, industrial waste water recycling and the final disposal of sewage and so on.
        Product Introduction
        Microfilter is 80 to 200 mesh / square inch microporous screen fixed in the drum filter equipment, through the interception of solid particles in the aquaculture water to achieve solid-liquid separation of the purification device. And in the filter at the same time, through the drum rotation and backwash of the force, so that micro-mesh screen to be timely cleaning. So that the device always maintain a good working condition. My company's micro-filter, is for the existing microfilter easy to plug, easy to break, easy to corrosion, difficult to maintain and other issues, is applicable to the sea water recycling water treatment of water one of the best use of technology. The product through the separation of solid waste in aquaculture water, so that water purification, to achieve the purpose of recycling.
        In the field of aquaculture, microfilters are more used in the first level of raw water filtration to filter out large particles of water in the sand, suspended algae, particles and so on. Or in the closed-loop purification of the first level of coarse filter links.
        Product advantages:
        1, the equipment head loss is small, energy efficient.
        2, compact structure, small footprint
        3, automatic backwashing device, stable operation, easy management.
        4, seawater factory for special breeding microfiltration machine.
        5,316L stainless steel, advanced corrosion-resistant materials used to enhance resistance to seawater corrosion.

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