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        Belt type filter press filter press dewatering process can be divided into pretreatment, gravity dehydration, wedge pre pressure dehydration and dehydration four important stages of the technical use of all new equipment for automatic filter press, filter membrane filter press, filter, water depth of sludge dewatering integrated sewage sludge treatment equipment, precision filter the price system is reasonable and reliable performance of the environmental filtration products.
         Structure introduction:
        Belt press filter is mainly composed of driving device, frame, press roller, upper filter belt, lower filter belt, filter belt tensioning device, filter belt cleaning device, discharge device, pneumatic control system, electrical control system and so on. There are a large number of industrial chains in China, the low concentration of production, the low R & D capability of high-end products, the low level of manufacturing technology of belt filter press industry, and so on. The next few years will be the industry belt type filter press high speed shock period, a direct consequence of this is to bring high-speed shocks lead to the expansion of the trend of brand camp polarization. In the next few years is expected to be able to survive in the market is definitely not so much. But this kind of high speed vibration of the belt filter press industry will bring great opportunities, and the result will make the market more rational. The localization of high-end electric road abnormal bumpy". Foundation has become a constraining China's short board belt press industry to high-end development, in 12th Five-Year the government will continue to increase for some well-known enterprises localization efforts on high-end equipment belt type filter press parts also has been widely used in environmental protection product talent shows itself, municipal, mining, electricity, chemical industry, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries.
        The structure and working state of the main components:
        1 frame: belt press filter frame is mainly used to support and fix the roller system and other components
        2 press roller system: the diameter of the order from large to small order. The sludge is the upper and lower filter belt clamp, followed by press roll, the belt tension formed under a pressure gradient from the sludge, by the dehydration process of the pressing force increased gradually, the sludge moisture removal.
        3 gravity dewatering device: mainly composed of gravity area bracket, feed trough. After flocculation, the material takes off a lot of water in the gravity zone, and the fluidity becomes worse.
        4 wedge dewatering device: the wedge area formed by the upper and lower filter belt is used to squeeze pressure on the material to be pressed to meet the requirements of the pressure and fluidity of the material.
        5. the filter belt is mainly composed of belt press filter, separation of solid and liquid phases above, sludge filter belt filter medium in the upper and lower filter belt tensioning force around the press roll and the moisture removal required pressing force.
        6 filter belt adjustment device: by the implementation of components: cylinder, adjust the roller signal back pressure, electrical system components. Its role is to adjust the uneven tension due to the filter belt, roller installation error, unequal feeding caused by a variety of reasons, so as to ensure the continuity and stability of belt filter press.
        7.. Filter belt cleaning device: by the spray device, cleaning water, liquid box and cleaning cover. When walking through the filter belt, continuous cleaning device, pressure water impact sprinkler spray, residue in the material with the filter in the pressure water and filter belt from the filter belt regeneration, preparing for the next dehydration process.
        8 filter belt tensioning device consists of tensioning cylinder, the tensioning roller and a synchronous mechanism, its role is to filter belt tension, tension and provide the necessary conditions for the squeeze dewatering squeezing force production, the tension adjustment can be realized by pneumatic tension regulating pneumatic cylinder system.
        9 unloading device: by the scraper plate, the knife rest, the discharge roller and so on is composed, its function is the dehydration after the filter cake and the filter strip peel off, achieves the discharge goal.
        10 transmission device: by the motor, reducer, gear transmission mechanism, which is the driving force of the belt filter, and can adjust the speed reducer, to meet the requirements of different speed on the process.
        11 air pressure system: the system is mainly by the power source (gas tank, motor, air pump, etc.), the implementation of components (cylinder) and pneumatic control components (including pressure relays, pressure flow and direction control valve) and other components. The air pressure, flow rate and direction can be controlled by the air pressure control element to ensure that the pneumatic actuating element has a certain thrust and speed, and the work is carried out according to a predetermined program. It is the power source to complete the tension and adjust the operation.


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