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XG series inclined tube settler

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       Working principle:
       The water inlet and outlet of the clarifier is upward and upward, the bottom is mud discharging and the sludge circulation, and a plurality of sampling holes are arranged on the mud bucket at the bottom of the equipment.
       After dosing raw water in mixed reaction by upper trough water flow equipment, equipment into the lower cone along the sides of the pool, with the cone to have combined packing area, the combined packing special design in height and installation angle and ordinary clarifier is different, more conducive to speed up the sludge settling slurry separation. The water outlet of the equipment adopts special canal to collect water, so that the water flow rate is uniform, the turbulence is reduced, and the treatment effect is achieved. The upper clarifier for collecting hopper, a mud bucket angle is larger, the mud mud to ensure smooth, high concentration, reflux and mixed water, raw water can be rapidly and impurity particles contact, adsorption, achieve rapid separation of mud and water, give full play to the role of coagulant and improve the clarification effect.
       Application scope:
       The utility model is mainly used for the treatment of acid and alkali waste water in the power plant, the boiler waste water and the boiler pickling waste water treatment system, the high turbidity water pretreatment of the municipal water supply project, and the clarification separation treatment of the high concentration mud containing sand water of the sewage treatment plant.
       The device can quickly and effectively remove the high concentration of suspended solids and organic matter in the water, the removal rate of suspended solids can reach more than 95%, and the sludge concentration is 2%~4%.
       Especially when used for sand washing and polishing water treatment, the effluent can reach the effect of recycling.
       Technical features:
       To adapt to the turbidity of raw water (suspended solids content) below 3000mg/L. When the turbidity of the raw water is the largest, the turbidity of the effluent is not more than 100mg/L.
The overall structure of the equipment and the design of the inner packing are reasonable, which can effectively reduce the area of the equipment.
       The operation of the equipment does not need mechanical stirring, the hydraulic condition is good, the coagulation and sedimentation of high turbidity water is high, and the clarification efficiency is high.
Intermittent or continuous operation, stable performance, no noise.
       Main technical parameters:
Model Rated capacity(㎡/h) Outline dimensions(m) Working pressure(MPa) working temperature(℃) equipment type
XG-50 50-70 4500*1900*3600 Atmospheric pressure Normal atmospheric temperature Gravity type
XG-100 100-125 5500*1900*4650
XG-150 150-180 6500*2250*4650
XG-200 185-220 7200*2500*4950




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