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Some protective measures for winter operation of sewage treatment equipment

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        In winter, in order to ensure the normal operation of sewage treatment equipment, we must take appropriate measures to prevent freezing. Germany Combi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. technical staff for you in detail about the sewage treatment equipment in winter operation of the maintenance.
        (1) the blower gearbox increases the heating pipe. The blower operates in winter, once the breakdown, start the standby equipment is very difficult, the main reason is because the blower room indoor air temperature is low, the gearbox oil solidification, make the blower can not work in a very short period of time. The solution is to increase the heating pipe in the fan gear box to provide the heat source, so that the lubricating oil can be recovered in a short time.
        (2) the steam heating pipeline is added in the space of the dewatering machine room to avoid the freezing of the mud cake due to the low temperature, and the utility model can not be transported.
        (3) the reflux pump is a spiral pump, the open set without insulation measures, the winter operation, mud wells in the ice, spare screw pump can not start, it is recommended to build a thermal insulation room or transform into the form of submersible pump.
        (4) the dehydration room operation in winter due to poor ventilation, thermal insulation, water vapor is a large, two workshop toxic emissions is not timely, the indoor water vapor and smell much impact on the health of workers, three distribution cabinets for humidity often short-circuit, likely to cause a safety hazard. It is recommended to increase the power of the draught fan, in addition, the cable trench and the drainage ditch are separately arranged, so as to prevent moisture from passing through the drainage channel to the power distribution cabinet to solve the safety hidden trouble.


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