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Sewage treatment equipment to be installed before the commissioning?

Date:2017-03-02 16:27:00 From: Browse times:
        A wide range of sewage treatment equipment, brand specifications, performance is not the same, a sewage treatment plant will have a number of different equipment. This is a problem of how to coordinate the equipment to the whole process system. What is the need for the installation of the sewage treatment equipment?
        1 inspection of the structure of the detailed structure of the size of the water, familiar with the various parts of the function. And to solve the problems that may exist in the civil construction and equipment operation.
        2 check the performance of each single equipment to meet the design requirements.
        3 check the installation of each monomer equipment, analyze the existing problems one by one.
        4 check the operation of each single equipment, make a good record, for load linkage test machine and test run.
        5 by water linkage test performance testing machine load state of the sewage treatment equipment can meet the design requirements of equipment installation process, whether it meets the design requirements, and the equipment selection and installation and civil engineering structures to solve possible problems, prepare for the trial operation of sewage.
        Above the sewage treatment equipment in the installation of the need to carry out the commissioning of the introduction, whether there is a certain understanding. The above problems can be solved by debugging, so that the performance and operating conditions of the sewage treatment equipment are consistent with the characteristics of the civil construction.


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