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Summary of requirements for use of mud processor

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        In the use of mud processor, must arrange professionals strict training, users must grasp the theoretical knowledge, necessary to learn how to operate, to detect and eliminate security risks, ensure the equipment running in a safe state.
        1 motor triangle belt by hand adjustment.
        2 boot, the electric control cabinet the electrical components and lines were examined by experienced electrician. Due to the transport or after running for a long time, it may cause some of the electrical components and wiring terminal equipment in the loose, so officially opened before or after a period of operation, must inspect the electrical control part of loose parts fastening.
        3 the official opening, should not start with load electrical control part, detecting the relay action is normal, normal before the no-load operation with load debugging, and observe the voltmeter and ammeter data work normally after the equipment can officially opened.
        4 connect the power cord, we should pay attention to the point of the slurry pump, to ensure that the impeller is required to turn.
        5.Non staff are not allowed to open the cabinet check fault circuit
        6 electrical components within the cabinet should not appear severe jitter phenomenon in operation, otherwise it should be checked whether the fastening connecting parts, equipment installation base is a plain, vibrating screen and the pump is working properly.
        7 in the rain and snow or mud splashing situation, should pay attention to anti electric control cabinet and motor cover.
        The 8 winter in the northern cold region construction, pay attention to reducing nozzle plug should be opened after the shutdown, the pump cavity grout pump emptying, to avoid the cracking.
        9 check the storage tank, not allowed to have a large foreign body, so as to avoid the phenomenon of pumps and cyclones.
        10 turn on the vibrating screen, pay attention to work noise, can not have abnormal "card" sound.
        11 vibration motor in the initial operation period, each class should be the degree of connection bolt tightening check once.
        12 mud processor operation, do not touch the triangle belt, vibration motor and spring, so as not to hurt.


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